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Invasive Species Conference buzzing in Oklahoma
Mar 05, 2014
We have all had unwanted and even uninvited guests overstay their welcome in our homes. That anxious feeling of wanting those people to leave without knowing how to ask is all too familiar.
Don’t let pond issues become major problems
Mar 05, 2014
Managing ponds is a lot like doing laundry in the sense that if you do not keep up with it, you could be overwhelmed.
Get the most out of your calories
Feb 28, 2014
STILLWATER, Okla. – When it comes to food selection, most people make their choices based on taste. However, some of those food choices may not be the healthiest options.
Vitamins are an essential part of a healthy diet
Feb 28, 2014
STILLWATER, Okla. – Vitamins are substances in food that are “vital to life” and are involved in numerous body functions. There are 13 known vitamins needed to support sound nutritional health.
Environmental law enforcement officer training slated in Anadarko
Feb 28, 2014
STILLWATER, Okla. – If you take a drive down the back roads of Oklahoma, it is likely you will find an illegal dump site. While they are unsightly, illegal, and can cause damage to the environment, they also are unattractive to those who might choose to move into a community.
Is earthquake insurance for you?
Feb 26, 2014
STILLWATER, Okla. – Most Oklahomans have insurance covering their homes and businesses in case tornadoes roar overhead. But, fewer are protected against damage to their property when the ground rumbles underfoot.
Rebuilding drought conditions threaten Oklahoma beef cow herd expansion
Feb 25, 2014
STILLWATER, Okla. – Although data indicate the rebuilding of Oklahoma’s beef cow herd is happening, herd numbers are still down 10.5 percent from Jan. 1, 2011, meaning the process is only in the beginning stages.

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