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Prevention is key during peak tick season

STILLWATER, Okla. – Even full grown, ticks measure far less than a quarter inch, yet the tiny creatures can cause big problems.
Avoid making your home a haven for mosquitoes

STILLWATER, Okla. – As Oklahomans slog their way through a stormy, rain-soaked spring, homeowners should take extra precautions against conditions inviting mosquitoes.
Do your homework before signing a contract for home repairs

STILLWATER, Okla. – For many Oklahomans, the road to recovery following a natural disaster can be a long one.
Vegetable gardens prosper with organic matter

STILLWATER, Okla. – There is nothing better in the summer and fall than to walk out to your garden and harvest some ripe vegetables. But before that happens, healthy soil is a must for a productive garden.
Woodland Owner Workshop scheduled in Idabel

Woodland landowners with questions about various programs and activities related to their property can get answers through a workshop in Idabel, Oklahoma.
Tips for summer grilling safety

STILLWATER, Okla. – Shorts, flip flops and glowing coals in the grill are just a few of the signs of summer.
Drought-tolerant garden to open at the Oklahoma City Zoo

STILLWATER, Okla. - Imagine a drought-tolerant garden—cacti, rocks and a predominant brown hue come to mind. On June 1, ThinkWater at Oklahoma State University, in partnership with the Oklahoma City Zoo, will unveil a drought-tolerant garden designed to be just the opposite of brown and rocky.

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