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Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

2013 DASNR Faculty Orientation

Assistant Professor Orientation

Goal: Provide new faculty members with an introduction to DASNR including critical policy and procedures in the conduct of research, Extension and teaching, organization and history of the land grant system.  Information will be shared concerning DASNR guidelines for developing and operating Hatch and State research projects, Extension programs, developing courses, basics of financials including purchasing and accounting, development, submission and managing contracts and grants, and discussion with DASNR support units.

Sessions: One- or two-hour sessions conducted periodically, beginning Friday, September 13, 2013 starting at 3 p.m.

  1. September 13, Introduction to LGUs and organization and history of DASNR.  Presenters:  Mike Woods, Jonathan Edelson, Jim Trapp, Cynda Clary.  Two-hour session with hors d’oeuvres. (106 Ag Hall)
  2. September 20, Research: OAES, Hatch and Multi State projects.  Presenters:  Jonathan Edelson and Sheila Julian.  Two-hour session. (106 Ag Hall)
  3. October 4, Extension: OCES.  Presenters:  Jim Trapp and Ross Love. Two-hour session.  (106 Ag Hall)
  4. October 11, DASNR support operations:  Grants, Contracts and Fiscal Affairs.  Presenters:  Bob Klein, Kathy Evans, Suzanne McNatt and Hollie Schreiber. One-hour session (106 Ag Hall)
  5. October 25, Teaching: CASNR.  Presenters:  Cynda Clary and Steve Damron.  Two-hour session.  (106 Ag Hall)
  6. November 8, DASNR support operations:  Human Resources, Facilities, Ag Communications. Presenters:  Sue Bonner, Randy Raper, Kim Brock/Clint Krehbiel, Lyndall Stout.  One-hour session. (106 Ag Hall)
  7. November 15, Listening Session – V.P., Associates and Assistants. Two-hour session, with hors d’oeuvres, location to be announced at a later date.

    Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, OK 74078