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Jun 17, 2016 Floriculture workshop slated July 14 in Stillwater
STILLWATER, Okla. – Do your roses have rose rosette disease? Are you interested in learning more about soilless growing media? Would you like to learn about greenhouse and garden center runoff management? Perhaps commercial organic horticulture is right up your alley.
May 26, 2016 2016 DASNR Access Tour showcases Oklahoma agriculture
More than 40 Oklahoma State University alumni, faculty and staff recently participated in the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources’ Access Tour. The annual two-day tour gets its name from the behind-the-scenes access it gives participants to agricultural and natural resources businesses in the state.
Apr 13, 2016 4-H community service project garners Lerblance national recognition
STILLWATER, Okla. – When Lexie Lerblance was just starting out in 4-H, she did not know a devastating health diagnosis for her mother, Ashley Lerblance, would turn into a community service project that would garner national recognition just a few years later.
Apr 13, 2016 Applications available for OALP Class XVIII
STILLWATER, Okla. – For more than 30 years, the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program has been helping those engaged in the agricultural industry to enhance their leadership skills.
Jul 01, 2016 Arthur named new director of the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation
STILLWATER, Okla. – Blayne Arthur is back on the Oklahoma State University campus, only this time she is not carrying a backpack and rushing to get to her next class.
Mar 31, 2016 Bad habits that can cause a home fire
STILLWATER, Okla. – A recent study by the National Fire Protection Association shows fire departments respond to home fires about 1,000 times per day. That equates to 42 fires every hour, which cause about $228 in damage each and every second.
Mar 01, 2016 Camp T.U.R.F. offers youth a chance to explore careers, experience college life
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma youth who have an interest in horticulture and science, and who want a chance to experience college life before high school graduation, have an opportunity to do both at Camp T.U.R.F.
Apr 08, 2016 Co-Parenting for Resilience benefits both parents and children
STILLWATER, Okla. – When a couple exchanges vows at their wedding, the last thing they are thinking will happen is getting divorced. Going through a divorce is not something people want to experience, especially for those who have minor children. It is a difficult situation for everyone involved.
Apr 27, 2016 Concert series begins May 6 at The Botanic Garden at OSU
STILLWATER, Okla. – For those Stillwater-area residents who like to combine great music with beautiful surroundings, the wait is almost over. Back by popular demand, the concert series at The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University will kick off May 6.
Apr 01, 2016 Contest brings to light the importance of ATV safety
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma 4-H’ers and FFA members have an opportunity to use their creativity to help prevent an injury or even death.
Division News
Division News
Jan 28, 2016 Enrollment now open for OSU’s 2016 Grape Management course
STILLWATER, Okla. – Although wheat is what most likely comes to mind when thinking of agricultural crops in Oklahoma, grapes have been making a name for themselves for the last several years.
Apr 08, 2016 Farm to You exhibit teaches children about agriculture and health
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma school children are learning about how the foods they eat get from the farm to their dinner table and how this food is used for good health.
May 31, 2016 Fundraising campaign underway for new bandstand at The Botanic Garden at OSU
STILLWATER, Okla. – The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University has been home to a spring and fall concert series for several years. In an effort to enhance visitors’ experiences, the concerts have been moved outside of the main garden to the new Event Lawn near the sycamore allée.
Feb 24, 2016 Hugelkultur technique to be featured on Oklahoma Gardening this weekend
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahomans are no strangers to the effects of devastating ice storms. Many residents have worked hours in their landscapes cleaning up branches and limbs, cutting them to size and putting them at the curb for pickup. Others may have simply piled them in the back corner of their property.
Mar 16, 2016 It is time to start making spring garden preparations
STILLWATER, Okla. – Day by day Oklahomans are experiencing a few more minutes of daylight. For gardening enthusiasts, that means it is time to start preparing for their spring vegetable gardens.
May 09, 2016 Keep energy conservation in mind when planning landscape
STILLWATER, Okla. – When homeowners are planning their landscapes, most often they are focused on the overall look of the finished project.
Feb 03, 2016 Learn about pecan management at OSU course beginning March 8
STILLWATER, Okla. – If you have an interest in learning more about pecans and what it takes to grow them, mark your calendar for the 2016 Fundamentals of Pecan Management course offered by Oklahoma State University.
Feb 05, 2016 Oklahoma Gardening gearing up for 42nd season
STILLWATER, Okla. – Casey Hentges, the new host of the Oklahoma Gardening television program, said she is excited to get the season started with new episodes beginning Feb. 13.
Mar 11, 2016 Oklahoma is one of the hungriest states in the country
STILLWATER, Okla. – For some people, being hungry simply means it has been a few hours since their last meal. Unfortunately, many Oklahomans struggle with hunger every single day.
Jun 30, 2016 Oklahoma Market Gardening School to take place in Tulsa
STILLWATER, Okla. – In an effort to provide fresh market producers with the most up-to-date information on management, production and marketing techniques, Oklahoma State University is teaming up with the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation to host the fall 2016 Oklahoma Market Gardening School.
Mar 24, 2016 Prepare for tornado season before the sirens sound
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahomans have enjoyed a fairly mild winter compared to past years. While everyone hopes for a mild spring and tornado season, it is still a good idea to be prepared for potentially stormy weather.
May 04, 2016 Protect yourself and your pet when enjoying outdoor activities
STILLWATER, Okla. – As the weather continues to get warmer, more and more outdoor enthusiasts will be camping, hiking, backpacking and generally spending more time out in nature.
Mar 23, 2016 Pruning method for roses varies depending on variety
STILLWATER, Okla. – With spring officially underway, gardeners are ready to get outside to work on their landscapes. Many gardeners love the look of rose bushes in the yard, but they need to be pruned to tidy up their appearance; control their size; and improve their vigor, growing habits and bloom.
May 17, 2016 Rancher Leasing Workshops to bring insight to landowners
STILLWATER, Okla. – For many ranchers across Oklahoma and surrounding states, a person’s word and a handshake are as good as a written contract. However, this type of business agreement is full of risk for both the landowner and the tenant.
Oct 25, 2013 Routine medical care important for pets
STILLWATER, Okla. – Most people do not think twice about scheduling routine medical checkups for themselves or family members. Responsible pet owners need to do the same for their pets and companion animals.
Apr 28, 2016 Secure items in your home to help ensure earthquake safety
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma has long been known to be a part of tornado alley. However, in recent years, the state has knocked California from the top spot in terms of the number of earthquakes.
Feb 05, 2016 Seminar to shed light on oil and gas industry issues for rural landowners
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma has long been known for the wind sweeping down the plains. Nowadays, however, the state is becoming better known as the leader in seismic activity. This leaves the public asking how all of the shake, rattle and roll is related to the oil and gas industry.
Feb 24, 2016 Sharp tools essential for gardeners
STILLWATER, Okla. – Having the right tools for any job is essential. A carpenter will not get far without a tape measure or hammer. A mechanic is always in need of a wrench and a nurse will use a stethoscope multiple times per day. In order for these workers to be productive, they must have the right tools.
Sep 25, 2013 Stillwater taking lead in wildfire precaution
STILLWATER, Okla. – Stillwater is a bit of a pioneer in becoming the largest city in the state to receive a FIREWISE designation.
Apr 05, 2016 The Botanic Garden at OSU perfect place for yoga and relaxation
STILLWATER, Okla. – The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University has long been known for its beautiful flowers and landscape. This appealing setting can be the background for Stillwater area residents who are looking for a way to unwind after a long day.
Nov 21, 2013 Tips for keeping your pets safe this holiday season
STILLWATER, Okla. – The ornaments are coming out of storage. Christmas carols are wafting through the house. The smell of the live Christmas tree fills the air.
Mar 30, 2016 Tree care after a wildfire
STILLWATER, Okla. – Residents of Oklahoma have seen first-hand the damage caused by wildfires. The recent fire in the northwest part of the state and into the southern part of Kansas left tens of thousands of acres scorched.
Jun 02, 2016 Upcoming webinar will focus on encouraging small business in rural communities
STILLWATER, Okla. – Rural community members looking to support and encourage local entrepreneurship are invited to connect to a live webinar to learn effective strategies and hear real-world examples from other small communities around the nation.
Apr 15, 2016 Use science, writing and creativity to explore botanic garden
STILLWATER, Okla. – When people visit The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University, they typically explore the sights with their eyes.
Jun 20, 2016 Use sunscreen properly to help ensure protection
STILLWATER, Okla. – Now that summer has officially started, Oklahomans are making plans that include spending a lot of time outdoors.
May 11, 2016 Weather safety tips while on the road
STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma is in the midst of tornado season, and if there is one thing everyone knows, safety is of utmost importance. When at home and the sirens sound, seeking shelter is key.
Feb 10, 2016 Winter landscape requires moisture
STILLWATER, Okla. – Although spring is on the horizon, Oklahomans are still facing several more weeks of winter. Some gardening enthusiasts may think there is not much to do for the landscape right now. However, the lack of watering is a major cause of winter damage.
Sep 30, 2016 Boomerang offspring can affect parents’ retirement
STILLWATER, Okla. – For many years, parents have juggled sporting events, music practice, curfew violations and high insurance premiums on teenaged drivers. Now with the kids out of the house, it is the perfect time to invest more into retirement accounts and accumulate savings.
Sep 16, 2016 GardenFest 2016 offers something for everyone
STILLWATER, Okla. – As we begin the approach to the fall season, The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University is hosting another event to showcase the beautiful garden grounds and provide educational opportunities to garden visitors.
Sep 30, 2016 Global Horticulture Conference slated at OSU
STILLWATER, Okla. – If you have ever wanted to learn about global horticulture, but do not have a passport, or simply do not have the time to hop on a plane and fly half way around the world, make plans to attend the upcoming Global Horticulture Conference on the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Sep 12, 2016 It is time to start acclimating your plants to the indoors
STILLWATER, Okla. – While many gardeners have flower beds full of colorful blooms throughout the summer, other gardeners prefer to populate their outdoor space with pots of various plants.
Aug 09, 2016 Lerblance inducted into Oklahoma 4-H Hall of Fame
STILLWATER, Okla. – When Lexie Lerblance started third grade at a new school, everything was new – new teachers, new friends and new after-school activities. Although she played sports, she was looking for something different at the time.
Aug 09, 2016 Murray County 4-H’er inducted into Oklahoma 4-H Hall of Fame
STILLWATER, Okla. – Throughout his 10-year 4-H career, Steven Baringer set goals for himself. While he has been quite successful in this youth organization, there was one goal he did not achieve – that of being selected to serve as a State 4-H Ambassador.
Jul 28, 2016 Pecan Crop Load Thinning Field Day slated Aug. 9
STILLWATER, Okla. – The pecan industry is a booming business in Oklahoma with an average of about 18 million pounds being harvested every year.
Oct 07, 2016 Plant now for spring-flowering bulbs
STILLWATER, Okla. – With the recent arrival of the fall season, it may seem a bit premature to already be thinking about spring. Gardeners, however, need to plant their spring-flowering bulbs now in order for them to be ready to bloom next spring.
Sep 02, 2016 Tailgating with a healthy twist
STILLWATER, Okla. – Now that autumn is just around the corner, it is not just the feel of cooler weather to which most people are looking forward. It is time to break out the portable barbecue grill, the pop-up tent, the corn hole game and an ice chest full of all things tailgating.
Aug 19, 2016 The Botanic Garden at OSU hosting multiple events in September
STILLWATER, Okla. – As the heat of summer winds down, events at The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University are heating up.
Aug 22, 2016 Tips to help avoid gardening injuries
STILLWATER, Okla. – Many people enjoy gardening for its relaxing benefits, but it is important to keep in mind it is still a physical activity.

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