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Economics show Oklahoma wheat growers must maximize yields and protein content in their crop

STILLWATER, Oklahoma – It is no secret wheat prices have been less than stellar overall in recent years, but that only underscores the need for wheat growers to do what they can to produce as competitive a product as possible.
Protect future yields and protein content in Clearfield wheat this fall

ENID, Oklahoma – For Oklahoma wheat growers who are battling feral rye and jointed goatgrass incursions, wheat variety selection can be a particularly important consideration when trying to produce a crop with sufficient yields and protein content.
4-H Bean Supper and Carnival going strong for 39 years

STILLWATER, Okla. – The Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development Program is steeped in history. The program itself started in 1909. State 4-H Roundup, the largest 4-H event in the state, began in 1921. It is easy to see 4-H history runs deep in the roots of Oklahoma.
Bullish feeder cattle markets providing opportunities for beef producers

STILLWATER, Oklahoma – Feeder cattle markets have stayed stronger than most analysts expected this fall, offering a number of opportunities for all types of cattle producers.
Nighttime versus daytime feeding influences time of calving

STILLWATER, Oklahoma – Supervision of calving process is best accomplished during daylight hours but Mother Nature and mama cows are not always so inclined, meaning cow-calf operators need to stack the odds in their favor.
Garden ambassadors recognized for two decades of service

STILLWATER, Okla. – For a quarter of a century, gardening enthusiasts have volunteered their time and shared their knowledge at The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University through the Botanic Garden Ambassador Program.

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