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Antlers 4-H’er gives back to her community via blessing and book boxes

STILLWATER, Okla. – Although she is just 13 years old, Lauren Robertson is making a difference in her community, thanks to her involvement in 4-H and the need for a citizenship project.

Robertson, a seventh grader and five-year member of the Antler’s 4-H Club, knew she wanted to give back to her town and found her niche to help through both children and adult book boxes, as well as a blessing box located throughout the community.

The blessing box is filled with nonperishable food items, as well as some personal hygiene products and is located at the school’s superintendent’s office. Inside the door are two inscriptions that read “Take what you need, give what you can” and “The good Lord loves you.”

The children’s book box contains books Robertson enjoyed reading as a child and can be found at the Little People’s Park. The other two book boxes contain books for an older audience. One is located near Sonic Drive-In and the other is in front of the local food bank.

Lauren-Books.jpg“When I first started this project last fall I got donations from my family and a local business called K Rays, and I also used most of my birthday money to buy food and books,” Robertson said. “It took me a little while to decide what exactly to put in the boxes, but I decided food and hygiene items would be the most needed.”

To populate the adult book boxes to begin with, Robertson said she bought books with her own money and her family donated books to the cause.

This project is near and dear to her heart because she knows how blessed she is personally.

“My mom has always talked to me about how blessed we are and I know you are supposed to help others,” Robertson said. “Some people may be embarrassed to ask for help. Now they can just go to this box without having to wait if they need something quick.”

The blessing box contains everything from boxed macaroni and cheese, bottled water and dried beans, to tooth brushes, lotion and toilet paper.

Robertson said anyone who would like to donate to the boxes is welcome to simply take their donations and put them in the boxes. Another option is to drop off donations at the Pushmataha County Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension office, located at 306 S.W. B St.

She had help in completing her project from Taylor Phillips and the local Rotary Club who built the wooden boxes.

Tom Smith, 4-H educator in the Pushmataha County OSU Cooperative Extension office, said Lauren is a great club member and role model for other 4-H’ers.

“She’s thoughtful and talented, and her projects are always the highest quality,” Smith said. “Local citizens have commented to me they appreciate her efforts in this citizenship project. She has a great impact on other 4-H’ers.”

Smith added Robertson not only has a giving spirit, as evidenced through her citizenship project, she also is a talented musician.

Robertson said she is getting positive feedback from the community regarding the book and blessing boxes.

“When I first did it, no one really knew about it. But then a teacher shared it on her Facebook page and now it is getting attention,” she said. “It’s even been on the news. And I’ve heard there are plans for another box on the other side of town and I want to help with that one, too, but I’ll need more donations because one box is hard to keep full.”

That is a sure sign Robertson’s efforts are being used and appreciated in Antlers.

She is the daughter of Eric Robertson and C’Ray and Jessica Perkins.


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