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Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Flooding Preparedness and Recovery

Living in Oklahoma often means dealing with natural disasters. This page compiles resources from Oklahoma State University experts about keeping your family safe and prepared for emergencies.


Protecting your property with flood insurance

Oklahomans have health insurance, dental insurance and car insurance. But, what about flood insurance?

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Safe water is a priority after a natural disaster

Gaining access to clean, safe water is one of the first priorities after a natural disaster.

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Cleaning clothing and textiles after a natural disaster

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, saving your clothing and linens is obviously a top priority.

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Assessing structural damage after a natural disaster

One of the first major milestones on the road to recovering after a natural disaster is assessing the structural damage to your property.

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Preventing, cleaning mold and mildew after natural disasters

Cleaning up after a natural disaster can be a big job, and one of the first priorities is taking steps to prevent mold and mildew in your home.

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Cleaning carpets, rugs and floors after natural disaster

One of the most challenging parts of cleaning up a home or other property after a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood is drying the flooring, especially if the storm water was contaminated by mud.

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Cleaning furniture damaged in natural disaster

Salvaging personal possessions such as furniture is one of the main tasks on the to-do list immediately after a tornado, flood or other natural disaster.

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Cleaning up the kitchen after a natural disaster

Depending on their source, storm and flood waters could contain a wide range of germs, debris, chemicals and contaminants such as human and animal waste, trash, and hazards such as oil and gasoline.

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Flood-damaged vehicles may soon flood the market

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left a wide path of destruction across Texas and Florida. Now that the forceful winds are dying down, cities and towns in both states are dealing with massive flooding.

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