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Handy Free Apps

Handy Free Apps

Researchers at OSU are making things a little handier for producers and farmers.

DASNR soil fertility researchers Bill Raun and Brian Arnall have developed two new mobile device apps, one allowing a producer to measure ammonia losses from urea and another to calculate the amount of nitrogen fertilizer needed by crops.

“The apps are free and can be downloaded from Apple,” Raun said. “Smartphones have given people unprecedented connectivity and access. Well-designed apps allow a producer to judge operational management needs quickly and easily, without ever leaving the field.”

Raun contends app development is a natural adaptation of DASNR’s GreenSeeker™ and other precision agriculture technology.

The GreenSeeker™ handheld sensor unit is the latest generation of technology developed by DASNR scientists and engineers. The unit collects data points used in conjunction with other agronomic references to index basic nutrient response, crop condition, pest and disease impact, yield potential and plant stress.

“GreenSeeker™ technology has been employed around the world in precision agriculture where the application of fertilizer, pesticides, plant growth regulators and defoliants are based on the crop status and field conditions,” said Brian Arnall, OSU Cooperative Extension precision nutrient management specialist. “The handheld unit allows a producer to apply only the amount of nitrogen fertilizer needed on a crop.”

The unit is manufactured and sold commercially by Trimble. – DS

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