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Panhandle Research Benefits Region

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There is no lack of variety in research taking place at the Oklahoma Panhandle Research and Extension Center (OPREC).

The 550-acre research unit is home to experiments geared toward dryland and irrigated production in animal science, animal waste management, crop residue management, forage crops, small grains and much more.

“We have all sorts of things going on out here,” said Rick Kochenower, area research and Extension specialist. “Our mission is to help producers find the most cost effective and efficient ways to use land and water resources.”

Amongst the corn and sorghum performance trials, and wheat variety trials, OPREC recently released the longest term no-till versus minimum-till plot data.

The report shows yields for both grain sorghum and wheat grains were significantly higher for no-till.

“This confirms research from around the country that no-till can and will increase yields on summer crops,” Kochenower said. “Irrigation is not confined to the Panhandle region. What we learn about efficient utilization of irrigation water here can translate to any region of the state.”

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