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Value-added cattle program OQBN sets certified sales dates

STILLWATER, Okla. – The Oklahoma Quality Beef Network has identified dates and locations for its annual fall slate of certified cattle sales.

This year, sales are set for Oct. 26 (Cherokee Livestock), Nov. 3 (Woodward Livestock), Nov. 4 (Elk City Livestock), Nov. 8 (McAlester Stockyards), Nov. 9 (OKC West), Nov. 12 (Pawnee Livestock), Nov. 19 (Blackwell Livestock), Dec. 1 (Woodward Livestock) and Dec. 14 (OKC West).

McAlester Stockyards also will host three sales in 2017 on Feb. 7, April 4 and June 6.

Sales will feature only OQBN certified cattle.

OQBN, a joint effort between Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, is aimed at educating producers on best value-added management practices and provides opportunities for participants to certify the quality of their animals.

“There’s no question OQBN helps improve the health and nutrition of calves,” said Gant Mourer, OSU Cooperative Extension beef enhancement specialist and OQBN administrator. “The strategies, expertise and best practices we promote are proven and effective. That’s why buyers are willing to pay a premium for cattle certified through our program and it’s also why producers continue to register cattle in the program at record levels.”

OQBN cattle received premiums of $21.94 per cwt and $11.18 per cwt for steers, respectively, in 2014 and 2015, based on the weighted average price of all lots, compared to non-preconditioned cattle.

Last year, OQBN attracted 160 producers who enrolled 8,890 calves in the program, representing a 27 percent increase in animals and a 34 percent increase in the number of participating producers compared to 2014.

As part of OQBN, for the small price of an ear tag for each registered animal, producers earn access to a top-notch network of beef industry experts.

The program also operates two cattle health verification programs. While Vac-45 is restricted to ranch-raised cattle, animals owned a minimum of 60 days that also have the proper vaccinations are eligible for OQBN PRECON.

Animals meeting the requirements of either program are verified through OSU Cooperative Extension, can be marketed as OQBN certified and may participate in OQBN-certified sales.

Producers may register for the program at any time.

For more information about OQBN, including wean dates for all upcoming sales, contact Mourer at 405-744-6060 or and visit


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