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Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Campaign Priorities

The Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has defined several specific goals we feel will make both an immediate and lasting impact on the face of Oklahoma. They include:

  • Student Scholarships
  • The renovation of historic Barn A on the Stillwater campus
  • The support of 4 unique Endowed Centers for Excellence: the Equine Center, the OSU Botanical Garden, the Biobased Products and Energy Center and the Water Research and Extension Center.

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Student Scholarships

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources joins in the campus effort at Oklahoma State University to increase the number of scholarships and raise the average amount of scholarships offered to students at the college, departmental and program levels.

The impact of additional scholarship support is immediate. It will help us increase enrollments, retain students and increase graduation rates. It will improve student performance by reducing the dependence on part-time and full-time employment by our full-time students. We will increase the number of students who will have had an international study experience by graduation and help students graduate with a significantly lower debt load. We will also be able to increase undergraduate involvement in research, leadership and teamwork development, and service learning.

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The Renovation of Historic Barn A

Built in 1934 during the Great Depression and the beginning of the Dust Bowl, “Barn A” holds a place on the National Park Service's Register of Historic Places.  This building has been an integral part of OSU soil fertility research at the Magruder Plots, the oldest ongoing and continuous wheat experiments west of the Mississippi.

With support from the Branding Success campaign, Barn A can be restored to its earlier glory with a new purpose - a premier conference center, which could provide much needed meeting space for campus and community events.  The downstairs would commemorate the 100-plus years of Oklahoma's farming and ranching community, remembering the roots of its original purpose.  The sweeping expanse of the former hayloft will become the Centennial Banquet Hall, featuring dining space for up to 250 people, as well as a catering kitchen.

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Equine Center

OSU has served the horse industry in the state of Oklahoma for more than 100 years. The OSU Equine Center, as part of the animal science department, is nationally known and recognized as one of the top equine programs in the nation.  The animal science department serves more than 250 undergraduate students who have a primary interest in horses as well as hundreds more from other disciplines across campus.  To remain competitive, the Equine programs needs financial support to:

  • build a new barn,
  • cover the existing outdoor arena,
  • build an Annex with Conference Room,
  • endow the maintenance fund for the equine center.

4-H and Extension Programs would also have increased opportunities for events, clinics, symposiums and adult education with the addition of the new facilities. This project would allow this university to better fulfill its land-grant mission across the state by providing for the needs of our students and citizens.

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OSU Botanical Garden

The OSU Botanical Garden's current 100-acre site is home to more than 525 different types of plant materials. A master plan has been developed to further expand the scope and reach of the garden. The plan includes expansion of the Oklahoma Gardening studio garden and teaching, research and outreach capabilities, as well as creation of 30 different educational gardens, natural areas, venues for art and cultural events, several miles of trails, and an environmental learning center.  The garden will serve as a place of enjoyment, will support educational and research functions, and is being designed to address the needs of all populations, including the disabled, youth and senior citizens.

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Biobased Products and Energy Center

The DASNR Biobased Products and Energy Center was developed to distribute and implement biobased products and energy technologies to enhance security, assist agricultural producers and rural communities, facilitate diversification and environmental sustainability, evaluate economic opportunities, strategically coordinate research and extension programs, and serve as the focal point and resource for Oklahoma's emerging biobased energy industry.

With additional support, this center will help revitalize rural areas in Oklahoma by creating new biofuels-related production practices contributing to this state's well-established energy industry.

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Water Research & Extension Center

Oklahoma's economy and quality of life depend on an abundant supply of clean water. Yet, Oklahoma's water resources are complicated by the most diverse water environment of any U.S. state coupled with growing regional demand for water from all sectors of the economy.

The ultimate result of support for the Water Research and Extension Center will be improved water-use decisions, a more dependable water supply and improved water quality to meet increasing demand for water.  Moreover, OSU will become a national leader in integrated, collaborative research and Extension programs that address water issues that affect quality of life of each citizen.

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