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Division of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Administration

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Administration

Dr. Mike Woods - Welcome

Welcome to the OSU's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. I hope our site can provide you with insight into the vast array of exciting and innovative things happening in all three branches of DASNR.

At the beginning of Oklahoma’s second century of statehood, the founding principles of the land-grant mission remain core values which continue to inspire and direct us to make a difference and affect positive change for all of Oklahoma, even if today’s pace of life demands change happen more quickly than ever.

Throughout DASNR’s history, our successes have always been other peoples’ successes as well, a partnership of discovery and implementation made possible by the integration of teaching, research and extension; science-based innovations that improve traditional agricultural activities and natural resource use while creating new exciting opportunities for enhancing the quality of life of individuals, their families and their communities.

Innovation and relevance are our trademarks. Advancements in scientific understanding and technology developed by DASNR researchers serve as the foundation for Extension programs that assist Oklahomans on a local, county and statewide basis. They make their way into our classrooms, ensuring OSU agriculture students have access to the latest cutting-edge theory and practice that will enhance their ability to thrive professionally and personally.

Once we said, “today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact.” No more. Look at the increasingly complex and interlinked world around us and it is clear that today’s science fiction often becomes today’s science fact. Advances and changes that once took decades and then years now take mere months or less to become real. That is the challenge facing our extended DASNR family today. It is a challenge we have always met, and with your help, we will continue to do so.

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